Are Bongs Healthier Than Dry Pipes?

Two of the most important pipes that are used in smoking herbs are bongs and dry pipes. The usage of both types of pipes is so famous that even people who do not smoke are familiar with these two types. Both types of pipe offer different slightly different ways through which you can enjoy the herb. It is entirely up to you which of the two paths you will choose from. Though there are some voices which are saying that bongs for sale Canada is the healthier option between the two. Let’s consider the matter to find out which can be best for you.

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What Chemicals Are Released During Smoking?

The herbs have got many benefits. Despite this fact, when you smoke herbs some harmful chemicals are released. All those chemicals are also released when one smokes tobacco. The inhaled smoke will come in contact with your respiratory system which will be damaged by the chemicals. The experts of bongs for sale Canada say that the herb releases THC which has anti-carcinogenic traits. For only this reason, smoking herbs is not that bad as smoking weed.

Filtering Process

In the bong, the smoke passes through water. It is believed that the water washes some carcinogens and harmful ashes out. The experts of bongs for sale Canada say that the cooled smoked causes less irritation to your mucous membranes. Other than that, there are no added benefits to the bongs over the pipes. You can use warm water instead of cold ones because it catches and dissolves more tar than the cold water.

The cool smokes that bongs release makes it easier for you to inhale more smoke. You can also hold the smoke longer.

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Which One Should You Choose?

Both the hardware has more or less similar effect on your health. The professionals of bongs for sale Canada advised that it should be deepened on the choice of the smoker. If you want a cooler hit, then bong is right for you. You can pack the pipe much faster than the bongs. Pipes can also be cleaned much easier than the bongs. The pipes are also considered to be the most efficient way in which you can smoke herbs. Compared to the joints, the pipes at least mitigate the chance of burning papers entering your lungs.

If Your Health Is Important, Use Vaporizers

The experts are advising you to decide what is most important for you. If the answer is health, then you should not choose any of the hardware. The vaporizer is the right choice for you. It completely eliminates the harmful smokes by using the boiling points of the various active ingredients of the herbs. You can rest assure that a good vaporizer will never let your lungs experience any acrid smokes. It also prevents the release of any lingering smoke. You should not be anxious about the smoke that lingers in your house if you use vaporizers. The experts of bongs for sale Canada say that many people who are seeking medicinal effects of the herb are mandating that vaporizers are last resort for you for healthy herb consumption.