Recording artist Frank Taylor is a proud and energetic Canadian entertainer. Born in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Frank immigrated to Canada December 31st, 1969.

The name
Why “The Flying Scotsman”? The original Flying Scotsman was the name of a train that ran between Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England. It was the fastest train on the track at the time.

Frank chose the name because of the attachment to his homeland and mostly because of his lively presence on stage!


Frank Taylor, B&W
Frank has successfully performed folk music in Canada since 1970. He is no stranger to live performances in either a lively pub atmosphere or a serious stage presentation for an audience of 10,000 or more. Frank has enjoyed international recognition through recordings, radio, television and concert performances.

* Release of the Original Tracks CD, October 2005
* Release of the Broomielaw CD, February 2005
* Tall Ships & Natal Day 2004, Halifax, NS
* Marine Atlantic Ferries – Summer 2003
* Canada Winter Games – Northern NB – March 2003
* New Brunswick Highland Games – 1995, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2003
* Singing O Canada at the New Hampshire Highland Games
* Tall Ships 2000 Festival, Halifax, NS
* Release of Thistledown Thunder CD
* Entertaining for conventions at the Algonquin Hotel since 1986
* Winter tours of Florida in 1997 & 1998
* 1997 Busker’s Festival, Halifax, NS
* Release of An Immigrant’s Prayer CD
* Singing An Immigrant’s Prayer on Parliament Hill
* Spring and Fall tours of Ontario since 1992

Frank is not just an accomplished musician but a great entertainer and artist. Frank’s love for traditional music shines through in his performances. Frank’s powerful vocals and skillful guitar playing entertain any size or type of gathering. Frank’s unending reserve of energy is engaging, and delights his audiences. His words and music touch your soul.

Frank’s chief instruments for his show are the guitar and bodhran (Celtic drum) and he also plays the mandolin, banjo, and autoharp with flair. Along with his own compositions, Frank’s repertoire includes Celtic, Colonial, Contemporary and Canadian selections, spanning from songs by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, to many current artists.

For a background of Frank’s inspiration and art, please read his Artist’s Statement .

Professional affiliation

Frank is a member of the:
American Federation of Musicians, Canadian/NB Local 815
New Brunswick Arts Council
New Brunswick Crafts Council
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

CD’s and touring

Frank’s dream is to put together a Scottish Folk Group, and travel the world over, promoting the music of his Celtic ancestors.

Frank is currently touring to promote his CD’s.

Original Tracks, released in the fall of 2005, contains Frank’s original compositions from his three CD’s. This CD is a must have for fans of Frank’s passionate lyrics and traditionally based music.

The Broomielaw, re-released in 2005, was recorded with Marilyn Inch when they were together as Strathclyde. The CD is an upbeat compilation of Scottish, Irish and original compositions.

Thistledown Thunder, released in 1999, is a compilation of Frank’s compositions along with traditional Scottish and Irish songs. Thistledown Thunder evokes the contrast between the softness of thistledown and the loudness of thunder. Just as thistledown carries the seeds for the new thistle plant, Thistledown Thunder will spread Frank’s stories and folk tales through the medium of music!

An Immigrant’s Prayer , released in 1996, was inspired while watching and listening to the country’s constitutional changes unfold. Because he is a concerned Canadian citizen and very interested in unity, Mr. Taylor’s intent is to do all possible to keep together, the country which he chose to immigrate to.

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