Experience the best binding with the latest Fastback Tape Bindings Strips

Are you tired of the traditional binding procedure which is slow and boring as well? Or, have you tried our latest, compact and multi-tasking Fastback Tape Binding Strips?

About Fastback Tape Bindings Strips

Fastback Tape Bindings Strips

Designed to overcome your load of binding the large stocks of books, copies, or important folders, Powis Parker understands your needs and had the best solution for you in helping you get the most amazing work so far. With multiple features, all in one, lets you enjoy a hassle-free experience of binding from what you were tired of doing on the traditional binding machines.

Traditional punch and binding machines help to make your pages get bound together, but it takes space and time to complete your work in a specified amount of time. In short, it lacks speed and versatility. Then the design of Fastback Tape Bindings Strips is simple, easy to use by anyone, of all ages. It is also among one of the compact machines which can be easily put up on your work desk to ease your work and at the same time helps you save enough time to let you complete other pending works.

Fastback Tape 9 Binding Machine is the most sought-after series of our company with smooth edges, giving you a user-friendly experience.  Always make sure to use the Fastback 9 series with LX Binding Strips, which is specifically designed to work with this machine.

With some of the awesome features and an affordable price, it is obvious that everyone will go this binding machine, some of the features are mentioned below;

  1. It is 3.5 times faster than the traditional pinch and bind machines
  2. You can bind both soft as well as hardcover books easily
  3. It has the capacity of binging 250 sheets at once
  4. With a 1-year warranty and fast service, this is the number one choice for the binding purpose.

Let us take a look at its amazing product details:

  1. Machine Dimensions – 19.5” W x 13’’ D
  2. Weight – 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
  3. Spine Lengths – 8.5’’, 11’’, A4, and A5
  4. Spine Thickness – Narrow and Medium
  5. Page Size – 8.5’’ to 12’’ or 21.6 cm to 30.5 cm

Apart from these features and product details, making use of Fastback Tape Bindings Strips will be more awesome when it offers a binding time of 35-45 seconds, and that’s why it is one of the most preferred among binding machine list.

Fastback Tape Bindings


All binding solutions from Powis Parker meet the rules and regulations which complies with UL, CE, cUL, MIT, FCC Class B, so then finest machine parts and top class is guaranteed.

How to buy:

If you are looking forward to making your binding experience a real easy one, then you can place your order online with just a click and you are done.

For any query and services, feel free to call our customer care executives, which will help you provide the best solution for your budget.