How to Choose a Gun Safe?

When you select a proper custom gun safe for storing your firearms in your home, you need to do a research on the attributes of safest gun storage environment. Customers ask all the time about the features which make custom gun safes totally safe.

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There are various reasons for a gun owner to consider investing in custom gun safes.  The first thing that you need to do is prevent a child who is young enough to understand the custom gun safety and gain access to the firearms. Even if you have children who are well-educated and responsible, you need to know that their friends might not be.  Moreover, it is necessary to protect the valuables you have from the fire damage. Again, there is the issue of burglary. The frontline defense against burglary is there for the people who are not aware of guns at all. Nonetheless, if you have several guns at range or your name is associated with the collection due to a consignment sale at a local gun store then your first line of defense-anonymity might have been compromised, already.

The greatest risk for the firearms owners is fire, followed by the threat of some opportunist thief.

Floor Attachment

If you have been able to haul it in, a thief will easily be able to haul it out. You should not allow your thief to roll the safe out the floor with the help of a simple hand truck. You need to bolt it to the floor taking the help of a safe designed with the feature in mind. Once again, this tactic states that the thief is aware of the custom gun safe. Thus, make sure that you are creative.

Box First, then Hardware

You should not be distracted by the marketing emphasis on bolts, locks, and hinges when the box structure of the safe could be nothing except a soup can. You have to look for a vault with insulation and walls designed for withstanding a beating from an axe or high temperature fire. If it is able to cater to these criteria, you need to continue with the examination of locking, bolts, and hinge mechanism of the custom gun safe. You need to have a door which is rigid and also has some structural support system around the edges. This way it will not buckle under stress.

In regards to what is holding the door of the custom gun safe, two things come into play.  Firstly, how the door jamb is constructed and how you can flex door with the help of your hand. You have to check to find out what is making the contact behind the jamb.

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Which Lock?

Combination: This is low maintenance and has more difficult combination sequence.  However, it is slow to operate and can be pretty temperamental unless you use a reputable brand.

Electronic: It is easy to use and is cost effective and has several features. However, it needs battery changes. If you change is frequently and forget it, a locksmith is going to have a hard time while opening the custom gun safe.

Biometric: This has similar electronic lock-speed and is flexible. However, it is not completely reliable and is also pretty expensive.