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Know the benefits of setting up a sod lawn

sod lawn

If you are wondering how your neighbor’s yard is green and attractive, then you should know it is because of sodding. What is sod? It is soil and grass held underneath by a biodegradable material or root system. Sod is harvested ten to eighteen after planting. It is sold as a rolled rectangle or a square slab. Sod is one of the best methods to establish a lawn quickly and easily. To know more about its benefits and maintenance, check out this sod guide. Also, check our review of various kinds of sod.

Most professional landscapers and homeowners prefer sod instead of seed as it offers an equal level, well-developed grass- enclosed surface instantly after installation. It takes a long time and challenging to spread grass weed and wait until it fills the lawn. In most cases, it grows with uneven results. By sod landscaping, you just have to trim and shape the sod as you prefer.

Benefits of setting up a sod lawn
Sodding has several benefits than seeding the lawn. Some of the top benefits of sod are as follows:

1. Instant lawn: The best part of sod is you can get an instant lawn. It takes about eighteen months when you seed and wait for it to grow. During this time, you will be having only a bare yard. But when you sod, it offers an instant aesthetic change. It will be completely established within two weeks of installation. It is simple to install an average size yard. It can be performed in just a few hours. Above all, it can be set up in any season. The only condition is the ground should not be frozen.

2. Avoiding soil erosion: Sod helps in a great way to control erosion, mud, and dust. It is because it is already grown. Do you have a yard that gets muddy after rain? Well, it is easy to tackle this issue by utilizing sod.

3. Less irrigation: When you have a seeded lawn, it is important to water at least three to four times in a day to assist with seed germination and to maintain the ground moist. But when you set up sod, you need to water just two times a day for a few weeks after it is planted.

4. Heat reduction: Artificial turf, bare soil, concrete, and asphalt emanate heat. Sod plays a great role in heat absorption. It is recommended for regions that experience hot weather all through the year. Apart from heat reduction, sod reduces harmful greenhouse gases by engrossing carbon dioxide. Further, sod cools the atmosphere by releasing oxygen.

5. Professionally grown: Highly experienced professionals grow sod. They are aware of the best methods to yield excellent soil so that it remains healthy and green as much as possible. The professionals grow the sod utilizing hybrid sprigs or high-quality seeds. Moreover, they utilize an advanced machine that lifts rugs of sod such as carpet rolls. Certain sod professionals do not harvest until they get an order. Thus, they deliver a healthy and green sod to clients.

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