November 2006 Frank’s live Music Videos North Shore Song, Caledonia & Jane’s Song, recorded by Jason Roy
October 2006 Frank’s new Music Video Jane’s Song, produced by Jason Roy
May 2006 Jane is related to the Sherlocks of Ireland
April 2006 Frank – Old Bands through the Years
August 2005 Thistledown Hall Renovations – Before and After
March 2005 A selection of new photographs
February 2005 New CD available – Re-release of the Broomielaw
September 2004 Jane giving a bodhran workshop at the Comhaltas Irish Weekend
July 2004 Will be appearing on the Miramichi during the Irish Festival
June 2004 Booked for St. David’s Presbyterian Church’s 128th Anniversary celebrations, Kirkland, NB
June 2004 Now booked for Tall Ships shows in Halifax – Thursday, July 29th
June 2004 Outdoor Saturday afternoon matinee (2-4 PM) June and July afternoons at Pitchman’s Pub, Kings Place Mall, Fredericton, NB
May 2004 Booked for CTV’s Canada AM on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004 (8:30 -11 AM)
March 2004 Zebra Skin for Sale
January 2004 Penannular Brooch by Terry Smith
November 2003 Taylors in Taylor Tartan Kilts!
November 2003 Appearing every Thursday Night at the James Joyce Pub, Fredericton (8-12)
October 2003 More Photo’s of Mactaquac and the Taylors
September 2003 Antique Mahogany Table For Sale
September 2003 Check out the Songlist just posted.  It will probably never be up to date or accurate!
September 2003 Pelican Case For Sale : Asking $200 Canadian
Summer 2003 Festival by the Sea and Balloon Festival added to tour schedule
January 2003 New Hiring Information page
Fall 2002 Frank will be performing in several locations for Canada Winter Games (Dalhousie, Campbellton, Bathurst)
Feb. 12th, 2002 Frank and Jane will be appearing at New Brunswick Highland Games!
Jan. 30th, 2002 Woodstock Bugle – Burns Night article
Jan. 14th, 2002 Spring and Fall Ottawa tours sponsored by Labatt’s Brewery
Jan. 11th, 2002 Listed some Instruments  For Sale
Nov. 24th, 2001 New stage banner unveiled
Nov. 22nd, 2001 Sample Contract posted
Nov. 5th, 2001 New link for Fred Halpin bodhrans.
Sept. 20th, 2001 Check out the Carribean Kitchen Ceilidh site.
August 20th, 2001 New Web Host and Domain Name
April 20th, 2001 Summer tour schedule is being updated weekly.  Saint John Cruise Ships added.
Feb. 19th, 2001 Added an Irish Proverb Generator!
January 30th, 2001 Added links and page for my friend Marilyn Inch , whistle player
January 2001 Spring tour schedule updated.  Old tour schedule archived, but still available
September 26th, 2000 Added article about our trip to the New Hampshire Highland Games
June 22nd, 2000 Added “Click here to add this site to your favourites” to index, home and contact pages
June 21st, 2000 Added new page of information on the Cameron Clan
June 9th, 2000 Split links page into six different pages
May 17th, 2000 More summer and fall tour dates
May 4th, 2000 New links, additional tour dates
March 13th, 2000 New menu look & feel, updated tour schedule
March 3rd, 2000 More links, updated tour schedule
February 22nd, 2000 Additional links & photographs
February 4th, 2000 Updated links page and added new photographs throughout site
Shortened MP3 filenames (sound bytes)
January 27th, 2000 Added Pictures of Mactaquac – see Links
January 11th, 2000 Survived Y2K!!!
Added Frames Free view links
External links now open in new window
Updated image tags (hopefully no more images over text)
New tour schedule for Spring 2000
November 26th, 1999 Frank will be performing in Fredericton!!!  Check out his tour schedule.
Site best viewed using IExplorer 4.
November 19th, 1999 New review by the Atlantic Gig
November 10th, 1999 Removed spaces from graphic file names to help with page builds
October 28th, 1999 Meet Frank’s wife Jane, and check out some new links!
October 20th, 1999 Get your tickets now for the most original New Year’s Eve party ever.
Check out the tour schedule for more information….
October 18th, 1999 Added Supply and Services article on Jane and Frank to Links page
September 29th, 1999 Added Guest Book to Contact Info, Site Map and Links
September 24th, 1999 Added Artist’s Statement
Added Performances
Added Site Map
September 17th, 1999 Added Song Lyrics
Added Track Notes for two CD’s
September 10th, 1999 Added Web Rings
September 8th, 1999 Smaller MP3 files for two CD’s
September 7th, 1999 Added Liner Notes for two CD’s
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