Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman – Reviews

Jason & Stacey
March 2005
We just wanted to let Frank know that we had an excellent night at Patty’s Pub. Our friends were truly impressed with his show, as was most of the crowd.
Judy Cole
St. David’s Presbyterian Church
August 2004
Frank Taylor filled our church and our hearts with his music and song, while bringing our history and ancestry alive. We were honored to have him join us for our 128th anniversary celebration. For our rural community, the experience of meeting the Flying Scotsman was surreal. Both our community and our heritage have been enriched by his performance.
Donna Maillet
New Brunswick
July 2004
I don’t think we will ever forget the terrific evening we had a Pitchman’s Pub with our friends at supper time and early evening. You certainly made our Canada Day special with your outstanding entertainment. What a show!
Maine Motor Transport
October 2003
I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Flying Scotsman performance at our recent convention.  It is not easy for us to try to line up entertainment for our members.  In this case we hit the jackpot.  As you performed I watched my members.  They were singing along with you and you played to the group.  I have received many thanks from my members for finding you and wanted to pass this on to you.  Again , We were very pleased with your performance and would definitely ask for you  again
Alex Henderson
Dairytown Products Ltd.
September 2002
To say that we all had a great time would be an understatement.  We had a terrific time!  Your casual yet energetic style of entertainment left a lasting impression with our board of directors, management team and their spouses.  Móran taing (many thanks) from all of us at Dairytown Products for a great time.  We would certainly recommend you to any group, large or small, who are interested in an afternoon or evening of laughter and fun.
Jeff Estey
Burlington, ON
July 2002
Enjoyed your performances at the Pub in the Sub in Fredericton when I was in University. Hardly missed a show. Great performer, great music, always had a fabulous time! You really inspired my love of Celtic and Maritime music.


Lynn Morrison
Lynn’s Audio
Fredericton, NB
February 2002
Frank is an all round entertainer. He gets to know the people in his audience and is very interactive. You get good music, good stories, and loads of fun with a personal touch. You are guaranteed a good time.


Richard Blaquiere
On-Stage Series Co-Chair
Woodstock, NB
January 2002
The crowd was universally pleased with the performance. All of the feedback was positive. I was pleased with the element of culture presented.
John & Debbie Doherty
Syracuse, NY
December 2001
We really enjoyed your music and your performances. You made a good weekend great. We’re going to Ottawa toward the end of March and we definitely will see you again.


Michael Quigley
River Valley Chorus
November 2001
Professional and entertaining!  Thanks for hosting the show and performing for us.  Best Regards.


Gavin Duffy
Ottawa, Ontario
October 2001
It was wonderful hearing your songs and jokes at the Crimson Clover a few weeks ago!  My weekend is always better when you’re at the Clover.  I hope you’ll be there for St Patrick’s Day again in 2002.  Looking forward to seeing you whenever you’re next in town!
Kevin Watson
Rockwood Park
Saint John, NB
August 2001
Rockwood Park has enjoyed the entertainment of The Flying Scotsman for the past number of years.  In addition to the enjoyable musical entertainment, Frank’s style, enthusiasm and interaction with our park visitors makes them feel welcomed.  It’s a pleasure having Frank perform each year at the park.


Ted McGraw, Host/Producer
WRUR FM, Rochester, NY
February 2001


A nice selection of songs, sung with great gusto!


Patrick Kennedy & Family
Kennedy Society of North America
September 2000
Just wanted to send a special “thank-you” to both of you for coming down to Loon Mountain, for the Highland Games and sharing your beautiful music with us. We enjoyed your music and humor very much. We are looking forward to seeing you again at next years games.


Amy Blagden
Ardenne International Inc.
Artist & Event Management
August 2000
Your show was captivating – the way you presented yourself, the music you chose to sing, and your explanations of the history behind them – all of which were engaging and informative to our audience of all ages. I look forward to future opportunities for us to work together!


Brad Reid
Cobourg Highland Games
July 2000
The Flying Scotsman will have you singing and cheering and staying for one more song, then another till he leaves the stage. A must for any event.


Peter Cawthorne
Montreal, Quebec
March 2000
Frank is a great performer with a wonderful voice and a warm appreciation for his audience.  Frank does something only a few artists ever do, he tells anecdotes and jokes betwen some of his songs.  I haven’t seen that sort of thing done since used to live in Glasgow, Scotland a few years ago.  Keep up the great work and we hope to see you again when you get back to Montreal.


Jim Kuehnel
Maritime Artists
Distribution Agency
January 2000
One of the best loved folk entertainers around.
Michele Boudreau
Atlantic Gig Magazine
November 1999
Taylor, this wee Scottish minstrel in his Scotsman’s kilt, plays the guitar with years of magic in his fingers. His lilting accent makes the music sound more authentic and traditional. The listener is transported back to the old country with ease.  Read the article.


Gerry Taylor
Telegraph Journal
August 1999
Frank does everything with such a flourish that you really have to see him in person, to get a real appreciation of him as a stage performer.  A lot of that magnetism and sense of boundless energy comes through on the new CD.  This album is a must for anyone who cherishes fine traditional folk recordings.


Gordon R. Menzies
VP Coburg Highland Games
July 1999
When their music begins, Frank and Jane Taylor magically draw the audience onto the stage, reducing their venue from concert hall to back kitchen, and transforming themselves from performers into visiting relations.  They carry with them the very essence of a true celidh.  These amiable folk are not musicians, they’re long lost cousins, waiting to make themselves known.  So if they come knocking, let them in…


Dean Verger
Rasputins, Ottawa
September 1998
Frank Taylor is an honest, earthy, engaging entertainer.



SOCAN Music Review
October 1997
His stories detail a love for Canada and a championing of the rights of the world’s down-trodden to live and prosper with dignity.


Mary-Sue Haliburton,
Northern Journey Online Journal
April 1997
Taylor sings with energy and confidence, in a voice not unlike that of another ex-pat Scot. Eric Bogle.

Frank’s album has a very pleasant effect. It has been spinning more often in my CD drive than any other music CD since I got it. The sixteen songs in this collection provide a total running time of over 54 minutes, even without putting the disk on repeat.  It’s excellent entertainment value.



Gerry Taylor
Telegraph Journal
May 1996
They call him The Flying Scotsman , and it suits him.  Oh, not that he has wings, but he can certainly make sparks fly on stage.


Anne Ingram
Daily Gleaner
May 1996
Frank doesn’t have a phony bone in his body.  When he sings about how important he feels it is to keep Canada together, he isn’t just mouthing platitudes.  Having left his native Scotland to make a new life in this country, he has a true appreciation of what a wonderful place this is and he never tires of saying so.  Frank sings with clarity and emotion, and his love of music shows through in every number.  The quality of An Immigrant’s Prayer is first class.


David Rising
Telegraph Journal
May 1996
Frank Taylor is a folk singer whose songs come from his heart, and inspiration comes from his surroundings.


Frank McKenna
Premier of New Brunswick
April 1996
Frank Taylor has been in the business of entertaining for years.  Fondly known in New Brunswick as The Flying Scotsman, Frank has demonstrated a love for his province and country on countless occasions.  An Immigrant’s Prayer , is just one example of the work of a very talented and dedicated citizen of this great country.  I have very much enjoyed listening to Frank’s songs over the years, and I hope that you will enjoy this CD as much as I have.


Anne Ingram
Daily Gleaner
July 1995
Mr. Taylor, with his long hair, kilt and period shirt, looked as if he had just stepped out of the movie Rob Roy .


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