Elizabeth Jane Taylor - Sherlock's of Ireland

Relationship Arian Collins and Elizabeth Jane Taylor are third counsins once removed. His g-g-grandfather and my g-grandmother were brother and sister! Arian found me through a reference to my father (Richard A. Warren-Perry), mentioned on our CD's page in reference to the song Kinsale.
Research Arian has complied this history of Sherlocks of Ireland
Corrections My family information is on page 56. My father is Richard Adam, and his children, in order, are John Philip, Elizabeth Jane (me), Susan Mary and Caroline Ruth. John and I were born in Northern Ireland, and Susan and Caroline were born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. My uncle Norman, and his wife Dorothy, raised their six children in Carragaline, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Arms Here are a few Sherlock Coats of Arms
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