Silver Bars May Not Be the Best Investment In 2018

Have you decided to invest in silver? Before making any such plans it is important to do a proper research. Studies have shown that investing in silver bars is not always a good idea. A huge number of people are buy silver coins due to its easy availability. However, silver bars should be invested if it meets their needs.

Investing in Silver Bullions

Silver is considered to be the younger brother of gold. Millions of consumers and investors are investing in this metal owning to its low cost. However, before investing in any form of silver metal, it is important to understand the market. One should check if it is going to diversify their portfolio, asset collection, and provide wealth protection. Only then it would be good for investment purpose.

silver coins

Silver Bars or Coins

As far as the question of buy silver coins is concerned, one can blindly invest in other silver forms. The reason is pretty simple. Silver coins can provide the same level of protection as the bars against inflation; one’s wealth, and many more things. Here you will get to know why one shouldn’t invest in silver bars.

Not to Invest In Silver Bars

  • Most important reason for not investing in silver bars is that silver is not a rare thing. Being readily available the value of the item gets greatly reduced. With a larger supply of silver, holding back the value becomes a bit difficult. Only when there is a sudden demand for silver, it would become worthy of investment.
  • Trading with a silver bar can be bit difficult. However, the situation changes when one plans to trade with silver coins. After all, coins being a highly liquid asset can be easily traded.
  • Silver bars are not considered as a legal tender.


Investing in Silver Coins: A Great Option

Studies have shown that investing in silver coins instead of silver bars can lead to several advantages. They are mentioned below:

  • When one invests in silver coin, it can be used to pay debts. After all, coins are considered as a legal tender.
  • Silver coins carry intricate design details on them. Hence, even if they are produced by government mints or private mints, it can hold a great face value. Unlike silver bars, silver coins can contain precious metal. Hence, when re-selling buy silver coins, they can’t provide great silver coins

Invest In Silver ETFs

Even after learning the market of silver is not vast, if someone wants to invest in the precious metal, they should do it through ETFs. Unlike silver bars, ETFs allows one to invest in silver through the stock market. An ETF share can easily represent a small part of banked ETF silver.

Well, in this day and age, investing in silver doesn’t make any sense. One would need to spend a   huge amount of money to invest and keep the metal secured. Sometimes, one might need to pay for insurance also. Moreover, the silver market remains exposed to manipulation. Hence, in comparison to silver bars, investing in gold or buy silver coins can be a better option,