The all in one cardigan

If we talk about women’s winter wear, cardigans are a must have. No one has ever seen a woman who does not possess the collection of cardigans. These not only are super comfortable but make a woman look stylish at the same time. These are the super easy to wear also. Every year we find new designs of cardigans in trend. The cardigan that we are talking about is a grey cardigan with beautiful detailing over it. Check the details given below and you will know why this cardigan is different and meets all the expectations of a girl.


Bell sleeves


These cardigans are designed with bell sleeves. These sleeves are in trend now a day and are also known as funnel sleeves. These can add beauty to any simple outfit and can make the outfit a statement piece. These sleeves can grab all the attention if the person wearing it has a habit of moving her hands every now and then. The only thing that is not correct with these sleeves is that they might catch stains easily as one can drop them in a dish while eating.

Ribbed knit

The other feature of this cardigan is the lightweight ribbed knit. This ribbed detailing provides a special texture to the cardigan. These are not so thick, thus keeping the style game on point. Also, they are not so thin, so it will not let the cold wind enter into itself. You will feel a light drape around your body while wearing these.


Waterfall design for the collar

These have a waterfall kind of collar. These collars are again a statement in themselves. The neckline seems defined with these collars. These collars do not provide a symmetrical look to the whole coat and make it unstructured. With these collars, one can look relaxed and restful

Long tail at the back

The most beautiful detailing of these cardigans is the long back, which makes it flowy like a dress. It hugs the back and makes it more defined.

So, these were the detailed features of this cardigan.  This beautiful detailing makes this cardigan looks very classy.